A Conference of thought leaders, community groups, civic leaders, academics and business with the broader community.


An holistic discussion about the future of living in environmentally sustainable & socially connective communities.

Price: Early Bird $10+bf  |  2nd Release: $20+bf | 3rd Release: $30+bf

A unique event discussing the many opportunities and challenges in relation to the future of living with 17 speakers, expert panel discussions, tiny houses on display and live performances and music.

View the timetable below, and get to know the speakers.

Timetable Summary

10:00am Gates Open    Parking by Donation
12.30pm Main Hall Guest Performances
1:00pm First Talks + Panel A
2:20pm Break + Guest Performances
3:00pm Second Talks + Panel B
4.20pm Panel C (tbc) – Talks Conclude, After Event

The Venue

House With No Steps, Sunshine Coast (10 mins South of Noosa)
Charles Duke Memorial Drive
Doonan QLD 4562

Car Pooling highly recommended – Arrive as a Community
All Tiny Houses FREE ENTRY and Free Camping by Donation encouraged
Family Friendly.
Drug & Alcohol Free Event.

Keynote Speakers

Sandy Bolton MP

For over 25 years, Sandy has lived, worked and raised her three children in our community, residing in Kin Kin, Pomona and now Cooroibah with her partner, four times world lawn bowls champion, Ian ‘Shoey’ Schuback OAM.

Sandy has been engaged in a wide range of roles including an NDIS project manager for disability service provider Sunshine Butterflies, a founding member of Innovate Noosa, a Director of the four local Bendigo Community Banks and Community Advisory Council Member of the Sunshine Coast Primary Health Network.

Uncle Alan C Parsons

Uncle Alan was present at the recent visit and welcoming of the Dalai Lama ​to Uluru which most would be aware, is significant in that Uluru is considered to be the central energy portal for Cultural dissemination in this country.

Uncle Alan has been able to travel extensively to gain insight to the ancient wisdom as understood and practiced by Indigenous people to harmonise with custodianship of our planet.

He is one of many thought leaders who hold on to elements of ‘connection’ often overlooked and cast aside, which are about to be embraced again by ‘Modern Society’.

“Kanjini” is an ancient Indigenous Holistic, circular understanding of the interconnection of community, each other and our place within the cycles of Nature.

“Kanjini” can offer enlightenment to pave the way for a renewal of meaningful two-way dialogue in caring for and restoring balance. More powerful than “Reconciliation”, he prefers to suggest “Unification and Healing”.

Rikki Pieters & Valerie Bares (ESC Consulting)

Where can I put my Tiny House?

Rikki and Valerie are passionate tiny house advocates. In 2016 they led a successful appeal to enable a Tiny House on Wheels to remain in a Brisbane inner-city suburb. Since then, they have collaboratively developed the Tiny House Planning Resource, an aid for Local and State planning regulators and the broader community to explore potential solutions to housing affordability and density that might be delivered through a range of different scenarios. They work with not-for-profit, private and academic partners to explore compact housing models that are flexible, affordable and sustainable.​

Gary Flomenhoft (USA)

US Academic experienced in living in Community Land Trusts (CLTs) which transformed the town of Burlington, Vermont USA to a more affordable town to live in.
Community Land Trusts (CLTs) are a nonprofit corporation that develops and stewards affordable housing, community gardens, civic buildings, commercial spaces and other community assets on behalf of a community, particularly great for low income people – and they can work with the banks.
There are now over 400 CLTs established across the world in the United States, UK & Europe and he will explain how they are one transitional step today that can begin by helping Australians achieve more sustainable living today.

Ian Ugarte

Small Is The New Big
A long time advocate and now Tiny Housing celebrity and leading spokesperson, Ian brings his family upbringing into the picture of the future living model of a Community, and how we can better adapt and shape living estates and housing to reflect the changing needs of all people at different stages of their lives: from childbirth, to young adulthood, then to family life, and old age – hence, The Cycle of Life.
He brings his story into the modern context of how going Tiny more readily accommodates affordable, adaptable living quarters and presents a huge economic opportunity for both investors and inhabitants.

Sam Gosling 

Economics of Building Tiny
Accomplished entrant of the Queensland Homeless Hack, from the ingenious and engineering mind of Sam Gosling, came a study and a highly detailed paper that supports the economic and infrastructural viability of establishing Tiny Housing in and around the inner city suburbs of Brisbane situated around the local university campuses.
Sam shall be providing some very immediate insight and interesting findings as to how investing in your own backyard can be financially rewarding at virtually no cost to the owner, also he will also be providing glimpses into the future of what Blockchain will bring to the table to housing and Community.

Tom Miller

Consensys, LifeBubbles.org
Leading Blockchain expert and advocate, Tom Miller, will be sharing his incredible vision for the future of living on the Sunshine Coast, in terms of greater sovereignty and governance with the technology of Blockchain, coupled with his Eco Village joint venture partnership  LifeBubbles.org: building environmentally friendly and climate controlled domes (some built into solid rock) using a electronically activated “Smart Contracts” for leasing living spaces and governing communities.
Tom is internationally aligned with Consensys.net and the Ethereum Enterpise Alliance of Blockchain programmers, who are working on changing the world for the better.

Jimmy Z 

Mobile Eco Villages

Former mass media identity and self-professed social engineer, Jimmy has travelled the world for over six years researching Eco Villages.
He will present a practical future living model “Mobile Eco Parks” – using Tiny Houses On Wheels, and how by engaging the Manufactured Homes Act, and remodeling Caravan Parks by adding intentional layers of permaculture, shared facilities, community structures, and off-grid solar and water harvesting, they will help usher in a practical transition to re-humanizing and re-connecting the mainstream in more sustainable, accessible, resilient and exciting villages.
He will be touching upon a proposed “open-source operating system for villages”, the new Internet of governance and currency, using Blockchain, and how using Digital Reputation will help allow people greater freedom to move until they “Find Their Tribe”.

Shea Cotter and Jackson James Kubian

Performance Dancers, Sunshine Coast

Shea and Jackson are two world class performance dancers who will be setting the agenda for the day – interpretive dances that will be dealing with the very heart of community issues like loneliness and the elderly, disconnection and emasculation, social freedom and the environment – these two young, vibrant and gifted performers define when art is true art: when it captivates an audience and conveys an idea, without a word spoken.

Jackson’s natural state of being is the epitome of passion and power, he has also created the awareness campaign ‘Dancing for Wildlife’.

Full Timetable:


10:00am Gates Open Parking by Donation
12.30pm Main Hall Dance Performances
   by Sandy Bolton, State MP for Noosa
1:10pm “Uncle Alan” C Parsons, Indigenous Leader
“Kanyini” – The holism of Indigenous Aboriginal culture
1:25pm Ian Ugarte (“Small Is The New Big”)
Cycle of Life & Affordable Housing Projects
1:40pm Gary Flomenhoft (USA)
Community Land Trusts (CLT)
1:55pm Sam Gosling (Queensland University of Technology, Bachelor of Engineering)
Economics of Building Tiny & Community on Blockchain
2:10pm PANEL A – ‘Tiny On A Budget’

  • Mel Sparkles (Tiny Houses Brisbane)
  • Colin Peters ($2,500 Self-Builder)
  • Sharon Rodger (Jardin Tiny Homes/Titan)
  • Ben McIntyre (Rolling Pastures Tiny Houses)
  • Sallie Francis (The Francis Family Tiny House)
  • Brian Irving (Tiny House Builder)
2:35pm BREAK
PERFORMANCES by Shea Cotter and Jackson James Kubian
3:05pm Jimmyz Hirst (Polkadot.org.au • tiny houses + community)
Mobile Eco Parks
3:20pm Tom Miller (LifeBubbles.org model)
Community Internet Grids & Tokenised Sub-Properties on Blockchain
3:35pm Rikki Pieters & Valerie Bares (ESC Consulting)
Government Regulations & Planning
3:50pm PANEL B – ‘Planning & Regulations’

  • Rikki Pieters & Valerie Bares (ESC Consulting)
  • Ian Ugarte (Small Is The New Big)
  • Andrew McLean (Brisbane North Eco Village)
  • Claire Ogden (Brisbane North Eco Village)
  • Heather Shearer (Cities Research Institute, Griffith University)
  • Jason ‘Djalmbu’ Hilder (Intentional Community Living Arrangements (ICLA), University of Queensland)
4:20pm PANEL C – ‘Q&A from the audience’ (tbc)

    • To be confirmed by the Event Organisers on the day.


END OF EVENT, After Event


FOOD and Coffee is proudly catered by DEADLY ESPRESSO EUMUNDI.

Food is also available locally from United Petroleum and Cafe Doonan on Eumundi-Noosa Road.
Welcome to bring your own meals, food, water & drink.

If Wet Weather: Highly recommend water proof enclosed shoes or boots. Venue gets boggy/muddy.

Supporters, Partners and Affiliates: Tiny Houses Brisbane, Smart Living Society (Maleny), ESC Consulting, Australian Tiny Houses Association (Melbourne), Q Shelter, Deadly Espresso (Eumundi), aecreative, Sunshine Coast Creative Alliance, Ecotekk Noosa Electric Bikes, Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast, Titan/Jardin Tiny Homes, Brisbane North Eco Village (BNEV)

Price: Early Bird $10+bf  |  2nd Release: $20+bf | 3rd Release: $30+bf

The Venue:

House With No Steps, Sunshine Coast (10 mins South of Noosa)
Charles Duke Memorial Drive
Doonan QLD 4562